What is the National Martial Arts Alliance? 
Why has it grown 3x in one year and why are school owners Raving About It?
The National Martial 
Arts Alliance
The National Martial Arts Alliance was founded with the mission to impact as many lives as possible through martial arts by providing school owners the tools to be successful in business and life. 

In 2012, Master Jody Horn and Mrs. Emma Horn realized there was a need in the martial arts industry. There was a need for an organization that truly cares about it's school owners and their success. There was a need for an organization to provide it's members with all the tools for them to reach their goals. The National Martial Arts Alliance was born. The Horn's have taken great pride in building every aspect of organization to be the best in the industry. 

One of Master Horn's greatest joys in martial arts is helping others improve and succeed. He has been helping his students do just that since 1995 and now is able to extend his reach and help school owners. He takes great pride in the opportunity to help other martial arts school owners reach their goals and fulfill their dreams. 

Master & Mrs. Horn are always willing to pick up the phone and help anyone with any issue that they might have. He has the experience and knowledge to help any school owner, no matter how big or small their school is. 

Upcoming NMAA Events!

    Shimsan Golf Classic
    • Tuesday, July 13th
    • Raccoon Golf Club, Littleton, CO
    • ​All proceeds go towards a scholarship fund to allow students opportunities to attend National events such as World Championships and Black Belt Camp.
    • Impacting student's lives through scholarships that provide Black Belt training experiences.
    • ​SPONSORSHIPS and Marketing Opportunities are available!
    2021 World Championships
    • Wednesday, July 14th - Saturday, July 17th
    • Colorado Convention Center, Denver, CO
    • ​Schedule: 
    • ​Wednesday, July 14th: School Owner Training 
    • ​Thursday, July 15th: Seminars, Shimsan's First Master's Ceremony
    • ​Friday, July 16th: High Rank Testing, Tournament of Champions, Gala & Awards Ceremony
    • ​Saturday, July 17th: Start of the 2021/2022 Tournament Season!

    Book Your Hotel Room!

    Sonesta Denver 

    Deadline to Reserve your Room:
    July 12th

    Sponsorship Opportunities!

    Tournaments provide a place for students to compete, but more importantly, improve. They improve their physical skills and their overall character. Sportsmanship, good attitudes, respect, and friendship are expected from competitors and parents alike. Today you cannot find many competitions where everyone is cheering for each other, win or lose. 

    By the Numbers: 
    3000+ Attendees
    99% Families
    39 Schools
    12 States
    2 Countries
    Multiple Events across the US with exposure each year!

    June 1st: Deadline to Reserve your Sponsorship
    June 8th: Deadline for all Artwork and Logos
    Shimsan Rewards Membership

    Save up to $50 on your registration for World Championships with a GOLD or DIAMOND Membership!!

    • The Family: The NMAA family is incredible. Everyone contributes and is excited & willing to help each other out & be a part of the organization!   
    • Events: World Championships is held in Denver, CO every year in July! National Black Belt Camp is in May in Estes Park, CO. Events are our way to be together, train together, learn, motivate, and encourage each other! 
    • Personal Growth: Curriculum from White Belt to Mastership & beyond to train, challenge, and test everyone in your school! 
    •  Tournaments: NMAA has a great tournament circuit with regional Tournaments, State Championships, & Nationals - In beautiful Denver, Colorado! 
    •  Extreme Martial Arts: NMAA has a full Extreme Marital Arts Curriculum - open hand & weapons! 
    What Other School Owners Are Saying About NMAA
    Mrs. Kristin Medina
    Owner, Ignite Martial Arts
    Santa Rosa, CA
    5th Degree Black Belt
    Former ATA School Owner
    "I can honestly say that after owning and running my own ATA school for almost 10 years and constantly struggling and knowing the only way I could REALLY get help was to pay tons of money to go to more trainings and maybe take away some piece of advice to buy more marketing stuff in the hopes it would help..... well it never made the difference I was looking for!

    Hands down the best decision I made was leaving the ATA after 25 years of training and loyalty and joined NMAA. My school is finally thriving, meeting new goals and expanding to a facility double the size. This would not have happened without the real help from our leaders.

    Take action - you won't regret it!"
    Mr. Whitt Melton
    Owner, Legendary Black Belt Academy
    Richardson & Dallas, TX
    3rd Degree Black Belt
    Multiple School Owner
    "NMAA is more than a dream. It’s an organism. One we forget at times is more than just us. But it’s funny, I used to complain about branding and NMAA on everything, but it’s now almost exclusively what I wear.

    I am proud to be a part of this movement in our industry. 

    There only a few words you should guard and be selfish with in this world. 

    Love, trust, and family.

    All of those apply to the Horn’s and this incredible organization. 

    I am honored to bow to you both for many years to come and stand by you all's side and be here if you ever need anything. I’ll be there."
    Mr. Omar Rodriguez
    Owner, TKD USA 
    Prattville, AL
    4th Degree Black Belt 
    Former ATA School Owner 
    "I no longer feel ignored by an ever growing corporate presence.  I have had more new enrollments in the past month than I EVER had in any previous 30 day period. Add that to the previous month and I’ll tell you that in the past, I have had calendar years where I did not get as many enrollments.

    The difference – SUPPORT! Master Horn, Mrs. Horn and Mr. Martin are dedicated not only to running successful schools themselves, but also to providing NMAA affiliates with the sales, marketing, and staff training we all need to run a successful business. Honestly it’s like having WebDojo, RainMaker, and Stephen Oliver’s Inner Circle all in one. 

    With ONE MAJOR difference – all of these things are my benefits as an affiliate.
    More About The National Martial Arts Alliance
    NMAA's Philosophy
    "A Legacy in the Making..."
    2012 - 
    The National Martial Alliance was founded in 2012 under the vision of Master Jody Horn to bring Taekwondo from the past and into the future. There was a need for an organization to always have the best interests of it's school owners and students in mind.

    The first part of his vision was to provide practical Self-Defense through the powerful kicking and striking techniques of Taekwondo and Krav Maga. The second part of his vision was to change the lives of children, adults, and instructors through teaching them the traditional values fading in the world today. These values are Respect, Discipline, Confidence, and Focus. 

    2013 - 
    In 2013 the first affiliate location joined in Stapleton, CO under Micah Martin and quickly became one of the most successful Martial Arts schools in the country. Micah Martin in partnership with Master Horn and his vision quickly opened a second location after only 1.5 years in business. After 2 short years there were over 600 active members under the first affiliate of NMAA. 

    2015 - 
    Master Horn and his loyal team successfully completed the task of spreading this vision and mission to 1000's of children and adults in a matter of only three short years after founding the National Martial Arts Alliance. 

    The next step in the evolution of the National Martial Arts Alliance was helping school owners from across the country to build their success using Master Horn's wisdom and guidance. Since 2015 the National Martial Arts Alliance's mission has spread to schools as far west as California.
    2017 - 
    In May 2017, NMAA hosted it's first annual National Black Belt Camp in Estes Park, CO with over 60 participants from Colorado, California, and Texas. NMAA is bringing school owners together, forming relationships, building family, and helping it's school owners reach their goals. 
    The National Martial Arts Alliance finished out 2017 by growing 3x and adding Schools in Texas and Alabama. 

    2018 - 
    The 2nd Annual Rocky Mountain Black Belt Camp in Estes Park, CO brought with it the introduction of NMAA's style of Taekwondo: Shimsan Taekwondo, "From the Spirit of the Mountain." It was a momentous weekend filled with instruction, growth, memories, relationships, and laughter. Hearts are happy and full when the NMAA family is together.

    July 2018 marked the first annual National Championships for NMAA! It was an amazing event in Denver, Colorado where students from across the country traveled and competed together.

    2019 - 
    The start of 2019 has been incredible for NMAA. We began by adding a school in Twin Falls, Idaho in January, closely followed by another school in Conifer, CO. 

    The 3rd annual Black Belt Camp in Estes Park was the largest yet with 60 Black Belts from across the country all training together! NMAA had special guests from Montana and Texas who came to experience Shimsan Taekwondo first hand. NMAA also introduced the new Shimsan Mountain patch on the back of all Black Belt and Instructor uniforms! 

    After Black Belt Camp, NMAA added a new school in Kyle, Texas and one in Bozeman, MT. Making four new schools in the first five months of the year! 

    Upcoming in July 2019, NMAA will host National Championships in Denver, CO at the Colorado Convention Center! All six states in which there are NMAA schools will be represented! 

    It has been a truly amazing experience to meet and greet the 1000's of families, Black Belts, School Owners, and Instructors that are now part of our NMAA Family! 

    NMAA is truly a Legacy in the Making...